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MAM Account

The MAM account innovation (Multi-Account Manager) is undoubtably one of the mainstays of technological advancement in the retail Forex industry, allowing portfolio managers to execute one trade across multiple accounts. MAM accounts are a simple method for investors to select top performing FX trading money managers. 

MAM  (“Multi-Account Manager”)

Forex Managed Trading MAM Account is the technical solution offered by Bellwether Capital Management that allows investors to become part of a group of separate accounts which are then traded by the Bellwether Money Management Team. To facilitate this, Bellwether will be provided a Limited Power of Attorney by all the clients in the group. This limited power of attorney gives Bellwether the ability to trade on behalf of our clients, and thus control a single virtual “Master Trading Account” whose equity is equal to the total amount of equity held in all the separate individual accounts. You may also click here for video::

If you are still unsure of which above accounts is right for you and would like a free fully-functional practice account to become comfortable with trading forex,  please request a demo account

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Avoid common trading errors

* Lack of experience
* Unreasonable expectations
* Absence of sound trading plan
* Lack of discipline
* No technical or fundamental knowhow
* Excessive leverage
* Holding too many open positions
* Incorrect use of stop loss orders
* Poor money management

Benefits of PAMM Account

* High profitability.
* Transparency
* Liquidity
* Security
* Simplicity of usage
* Minimal investment amount.
* Maximum safety & control
* Ability to customize
* Possibilities for diversification