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Clients® is a fintech company connecting emerging growth companies, global investors, executives, fund managers, financial experts, and industry professionals on one platform.® provides trading services, breaking editorial news coverage, and financial information on public and private companies. As an emerging growth and investor community with over 4.2 million visitors per year, encourages investors to trade and consume independent news, content and data on fast growing companies while highlighting emerging market trends.® helps public and private companies gain visibility in front of millions of potential investors, influencers, and decision-makers.

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Partners & Affiliates

Bellwether Capital works with following counterparties:
1) interactive brokers
2) Gain Capital
3) Emoney
4) Advzr
5) Sharefile

8) Financial Media Exchange

Bellwether Capital in currently in negotiation with the following partners:
1) Wall Street Journal
) The Money Show

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