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We are an independent registered investment advisor firm designed to objectively provide advice without conflict of interest. Our mission is to be transparent with our clients and provide advice that is truly in their best interest. We operate with the highest of fiduciary standards and consider a long-term relationship built on trust and transparency to be our ultimate goal.

We offer private individuals, corporations and self-managed superannuation funds professional currency asset management services. We guide and advise our clients to the best solutions which will suit their personal needs, Our products deliver superior performance in today’s markets, and we continually develop new solutions to meet your investment needs in the future.

We provide investors with a low risk investment, which aims to make absolute, positive returns regardless of market conditions. Our asset management model offers access to client’s capital, safety of their investment and capital protection (Because their fund are kept in segregated accounts). Risk management is a priority and all managed accounts are administered with very strict investment criteria.

Our Financial Planning Services

  • We review family records, budgeting, personal liability, estate information and financial goals.
  • We analyze the client’s income tax and spending and planning for past, current and future years; then illustrate the impact of various investments on the client's current income tax and future tax liability.
  • We analyze investment alternatives and their effect on the client's portfolio

We review existing policies to ensure proper coverage for life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, home and automobile.

  • We analyze current strategies and investment plans to help the client achieve his or her retirement goals.
  • We review the client’s cash needs at death, income needs of surviving dependents, estate planning and disability income.
  • We assist the client in assessing and developing long-term strategies, including as appropriate, living trusts, wills, review estate tax, powers of attorney, asset protection plans, nursing homes, Medicaid and elder law.
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Financial Planning

Financial Planning can be defined as a "process of developing strategies to help people manage their financial affairs to meet life goals.”

Portfolio Management

The art and science of investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation and balancing risk against performance.

Regulation, Disclosure & Transparency

In addition to providing you with detailed brochures outlining our services, fee structure etc. (see right),  as a Registered Investment Advisor, additional information about Bellwether Capital (CRD # 286136) is also available on the SEC’s website at

Our Fidiciary Oath and Letter

Because we believe all investors should have access to advice that is in their best interests, we invite you to download our Fiduciary Oath and Letter,

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Fiduciary Oath & Letter

Why choose Bellwether Capital?

  • We abide by a fiduciary standard, which always puts the client's interests first.
  • We view transparency to our clients as a core value and believe it is essential in creating a relationship built on trust.
  • We believe all people should have access to expert financial advice regardless of the amount of assets they have to invest.
  • We work with clients to identify a proper risk score and allocate their investments based upon their risk sensitivity. This discipline will alleviate panic selling, trend chasing, market timing, and other mistakes that harm investors, damage investment portfolios and impair financial plans.
  • We offer two billing plans to give clients options for what best fits their needs.
  • We have a background that enables us to discuss complex trading strategies with sophisticated investors.  However, our specialty is having clear conversations with non-financial clients and discussing investments and objectives in simple terms.
  • We use latest technology to develop and monitor our clients' investment portfolios and financial plans in order to obtain optimal accuracy, client usability and presentation.

Who we serve

We are excited to work with clients living throughout the USA through virtual planning tools and meetings. We locally serve clients in New York State.

Our Client Onboarding Process

We have developed a strategy that outlines exactly what you can expect from us throughout this process.  Once we decide to work together, three meetings will be scheduled within the first 45 days that will allow us to begin building a foundation for a successful working relationship.

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"Let;s take the next step together"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Foreign currency investing differs from the stock, bond and mutual fund markets in that returns of FX investing are not normally correlated to other markets. The US equity markets have historically gone up and down with the US economy’s strengths and weaknesses. Bellwether Capital managed FX accounts may have gains consistently without regard to bull or bear market cycles in the stock or bond markets. Of course, the cash FX and FX futures markets have experienced losses. This lower correlation between the traditional equity and bond markets returns and Bellwether Capital managed FX accounts provides a valuable contribution to investor portfolios in the form of diversification. There are many articles and books that discuss the advantages of diversification into non-traditional asset classes.

No, Bellwether Capital Management is registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”).and a Forex firm. Hedge funds typically co-mingle client monies into a “fund” that have lock-out periods, where funds can only be withdrawn at certain times. Other hedge fund restrictions typically include higher initial minimum investments amounts (sometimes $1,000,000 to $10,000,000) and holding the clients’ funds within their largely unregulated entity versus with a registered firm. Bellwether Capital  Oculus Trading Strategy Program involve funds deposited at a regulated U.S. clearing broker held in the name of the client. Furthermore, Bellwether Capital has no access to a client’s funds, only access to make investments in the account. All withdrawals are strictly under the client’s sole control. Another advantage of Bellwether Capital’s offering is that it is a completely liquid investment, which can be turned into cash in just a few days. It is important to emphasize however, that this is not to be considered a short term investment

The foreign exchange market, also referred to as the “Forex” or “FX” market is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average turnover of approximately USD 3.5 trillion. Foreign exchange trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another. Many of the world's currencies are on a floating exchange rate and are traded in pairs; for example Euro/Dollar or Dollar/Yen. Generally speaking, only professional traders are able to access the global FX market pricing.  Others interested in trading FX generally use clearing brokers, referred to as Futures Commission Merchants (“FCM”).  Bellwether Capital receives and trades its FX prices from (Gain Capital LLC).

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The requirement that a financial advisor must “Know Your Client”, including his/her tolerance for taking risks, is a universal requirement amongst investment regulators around the world. The Bellwether Capital  evaluation questionnaires made available to prospective clients below is quick, free and can be completed without any obligation

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