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Frequently Asked Questions Affiliates

Simple. Contact us through email or the toll free number provided and we will send you additional marketing material including our Disclosure Document. There is also a wealth of educational material on the NFA website at

The term "parasite" refers to technology (including browser plug ins, helpers, popups, etc.) that intercepts and changes an affiliate's link. This technology is also known as "unsolicited commercial software" and is often found in Adware and Spyware software. Parasite activity essentially "hijacks" the affiliates link and the affiliate commission gets redirected to the parasite, instead of the affiliate who rightfully earned it. This type of software is normally installed unknowingly, often without the end user's consent. We are committed to preventing any parasites from becoming part of our program. If we determine that any of our affiliates are parasites, they will immediately be inactivated and banned from the program.

The referral commission being paid is $20 per conversion. A conversion is defined as a visit and completed application

You can easily fund your account by logging in to MyAccount and visiting the Funding page.

The subscription model owes its success to the optimal balance of value it provides to both the company and the customer. If you would prefer, a qualified Bellwether Advisor will help determine whether the subscription based model if right for you. For free appointment click here.

Most other advisors will require an asset minimum which means they seek people or organizations that already own wealth. However, Bellwether Capital also wants to work with clients that have potential and help them build wealth. If this sounds like something that you have been looking for, apply for subscription today and together. let's unlock your financial future.

Although we provide comprehensive set of services in our Subscriptions, we understand that each client has unique needs which may require tailored solutions. We invite clients with special requirements to request a consultation here

Please go the bottom of this page where we provide a link to Instructions for opening an account, and the Account Application you must fill out and submit to If you have further questions, please contact our new accounts team directly here or email:

Only after we have a firm understanding of your needs and goals, compensation for our services can take on one of these four forms:
* Fee – Fee for the engagement. This could be a flat fee or an hourly fee.
* Fee arrangement – Management fee based upon your assets.
* Commission – if there were a particular product that fit your situation, we would be able to implement a product where the product company compensates us.
* Hybrid – Combination approach
Each implementation strategy has its benefits and its draw backs. The key catalyst for making a decision is based on your situation.

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