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How am In connected to my investments?

Now, more than ever, a client wants ‘‘peace of mind’’ when it comes to the safety of financial assets. Financial Professional: A registered representative is an independent business owner who provides financial guidance to their clients and is typically paid a commission when you purchase a financial product. An Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) is an […]

What is an independent financial professional?

An independent financial professional is not an employee of an investment or financial services firm – they are an independent business owner. They have the freedom to structure their business in a manner that best serves their clients. The independent financial professional utilizes the services of the broker/dealer to process investment business, provide services such […]

What is a Broker-Dealer?

A broker/dealer is a company that a registered investment professional is required to affiliate with in order to buy or sell investment products on behalf of investors. The broker/dealer holds responsibility for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities laws. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delegates the supervision of financial advisors to the Financial Industry […]

Is there a benefit to diversifying advisors?

Diversifying advisors may provide you insight to the different levels of service other investment professionals provide. However, this perceived diversification may result in inadequate financial planning due to a lack of knowledge of holdings elsewhere, as well as potentially unsuitable investment allocations due to the lack of knowledge of material changes to your account(s) with […]

How often should someone have formal financial planning advice?

It depends. * Some people seek financial planning when a material life changing event has occurred or is expected to occur. Such events could be: Marriage, retirement, college planning, a death in the family, divorce, or the birth or adoption of a child. * Sometimes, people need financial planning guidance when they are evaluating the […]

How are you compensated for your services

Only after we have a firm understanding of your needs and goals, compensation for our services can take on one of these four forms: * Fee – Fee for the engagement. This could be a flat fee or an hourly fee. * Fee arrangement – Management fee based upon your assets. * Commission – if […]

Do you provide references from your existing clients?

While we are aware that existing client references are utilized by other firms seeking to obtain your trust, at Bellwether Capital, we do not ask our current clients to fulfill that role for four reasons. 1) There are very specific and (justifiably) prohibitive rules that govern the use of “testimonials” for advertising purposes in our […]

How do we charge for our services?

We provide our services on a fee-based platform, which means that the primary source of income to the firm is the management fee that our clients pay monthly to receive unbiased, independent advice. These fees are generally equal to 1.0% of your portfolio value on an annualized basis, although they are lower, on a percentage […]