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Asset Management

Bellwether Capital Management is an innovative wealth management firm providing private client services to a wide array of individual investors, institutions, and financial professionals. The Company’s modern-day approach consists of creating diverse and resilient multi-asset portfolios, which aim to limit correlation between asset classes, thus maximizing potential gains while reducing unnecessary exposure to risk.


Our mission is to create a memorable experience that has a life-changing impact for each and every client. Our unmatched dedication to providing powerful results, financial security, and peace of mind is at the core of our very existence. We hear your concerns because we sincerely listen. Many times people don’t know what they need until we show them what they can do. Imagine if your investment and retirement planning could actually be inspirational and stress-free. We believe our purpose and objective is to empower you with our passion for advanced portfolio management. Our vision remains people-centered and seamlessly integrates time-tested, winning strategies with value-added services by capitalizing on our diverse knowledge and previous success. The firm’s financial services encompass substantially all types of growth, protection, and income vehicles. Our client-focused structure allows for transparent, unbiased portfolio planning that typical financial advisors simply aren’t able to create or achieve.

Professional Investment Management

  • Investment portfolio design tied to your risk tolerance and goals
  • Portfolio monitoring and periodic rebalancing
  • Globally diversified, tax efficient portfolios using low cost institutional investments (when available)
  • Ongoing investment education tailored to your knowledge and level of experience