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Our Team

"Linus has a masters degree in finance and strategy from Lund University. He has served as finance manager and CFO in several different companies and has a profound knowledge in finance, management accounting and M&A. He is also heavily involved in fintech and how blockchain based technology will change the future landscape of finance. He wrote a book in 2016 called "Bitcoin - a financial revolution" which has earned several good reviews."
London-born, Wall Street-based Trader & Broker, Aidan Doyle is President & CEO of Bellwether Capital Management and a global Financial Media personality.
Jakeesha is an International Investment banker who has over 20 years of experience in Financial services having has managed Operations and Processing and Researching Departments and held Relationship Management, Product Management & Consulting leadership roles with top global Wealth Management companies, Investment Banks, Asset Management companies, Commodities, Securities companies on Wall Street and built relationships on A Global level. Engineer PPP, Bank instruments, DTC Server To server, Oil transactions.<br /> Tax Professional, I Structure corporations, non profit organizations LLC'S and Sole proprietorship license Notary in New York State
Joe can define outstanding service through service standards and team goals; bring in data and metrics to evaluate service quality.
For Peter, it's about understanding how the brain works so we can work with, rather than against, it in order to reach our most meaningful goals.